Sunday, November 18, 2007

West Bengal: Where is Socialism?

How many leftists are there in the Communist Party in West Bengal? How many of them really believe in Socialism? How many of them really do believe that Wealth is something that has to be distributed and not something that has to be accumulated?

The 'Nandigram-gate' haunting the Communist Party in West Bengal has everything to do with sucking up to big money and ignoring the poor. It is not only a dangerous recipe to lose their democratic support; it is a very dangerous game.

First it was Jyothi Basu, who wanted to fill in the Congress boots - when Congress was losing their ground to the right-wing BJP. Even before the independence in 1947, the Congress party has held on to the position of being the socialists (Hypocrisy Unlimited), manipulating the media and using every government propaganda machinery available.

That Basu had wet dreams of being the first Communist Prime Minister of India is not a secret. He never wanted to be a socialist Prime Minister.

The problem with the West Bengal communists is simple: they don't like socialism anymore - they like their own brand of Communism, which is very close to Capitalism run by a party machinery. They want their party to become rich, powerful and whatnot and extend their control over power. Again, very dangerous.

Economif Times reports, 'Nandigram firing unconstitutional'

In A verdict that could have widespread legal implications, Calcutta High Court Chief Justice Surendra Singh Nijjar and Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose on Friday held the Nandigram firings on March 14 as ‚Äútotally unconstitutional‚ÄĚ.

The court has also directed the state government to pay a compensation of Rs 5 lakh for each loss of life, Rs 2 lakh for each rape victim and Rs 1 lakh for each of the injured. The state government on November eight had announced compensation of Rs two lakh for the next of kin of the 14 killed and ruled out compensation for the injured.

Brushing aside all contentions of the West Bengal government, the division bench has directed the CBI to continue with its investigation while the state government has been asked to submit a compliance report before the court within a month.

Taking suo motu cognisance of the March 14 firings in Nandigram, the court by an order passed on March 15 had asked CBI director to constitute a special team to collect all reports, including the ones on post-mortem, all evidence and other particulars, and to keep the same in safe custody.

The West Bengal government, in turn, was told to file an affidavit explaining the sequence of events that had led to the firings which claimed many lives. Soon after the incident, there was a deluge of public interest petitions which were heard simultaneously.

The main contention of the Buddhadeb government has been that the High Court cannot direct the CBI to investigate without the approval of the state government.

Based on the findings of the High Court of West Bengal, the government's actions have been "TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL."

Isn't that good enough reasons to sack the government? It is another matter that the central government wouldn't do anything, as they rely on the Communist support to their government - which is running on borrowed time.

If this isn't total constitutional breakdown in the Indian state - what is?

A State Government breaks the golden rule of upholding the Indian constitution. The Federal Government, which should have acted immediately, lets the constitution to be challenged and ridiculed - just to save itself from losing power.

This is a classic case of two men fondling each other's balls.

The congress and the communists have proved how incompetent and anti-people they are. BJP, which is the other option believes the poor will be well fed and happy if they were to build new temples!

None of these politicians has a vision of a new India, which is ready to work harder to earn more, and also to support the poor brothers and sisters.

We don't need new billionaires in India, and we don't need more poor people who constitute a vote-bank for these political parties.

What we need is to regain our state, protect it from being abused by these powermongers, nourish it to be a home for all Indians to live with some amount of peace and prosperity.


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