Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kerala's Icecream shame

Icecream parlour case: Kerala govt.'s appeal rejected

Kochi (PTI): The Kerala High court on Friday rejected the appeal filed by the state government against the order of acquittal of all the 16 accused in the Icecream Parlour sex case.

Dismissing the appeal, Justice K Thankappan said there is no scope for retrial.

The court also dismissed the revision petition filed by K Ajitha, President of a social organisation, Anweshi, challenging the acquittal order. The Principal Assistant sessions court, Kozhikode, had on January 12, 2006, acquitted all the accused in the case. The government in its appeal submitted that even the prosecutor for the state was aiding the accused. The case relates to luring of young girls to the icecream parlour and forcing them into sex trade.

The then left government, which was in power, when the Icecream Parlour case surfaced - did literally nothing to book the criminals.

Many in Kerala know that the rich and famous of Kozhikode were involved in this. That the case was weakened further when the Left were booted out of power and replaced with an equally corrupt Congress regime.

The High Court can only say things based on the evidence that is placed before the court. Both Communists and Congress - led factions are responsible for the failure of the state to prosecute the criminals.

Maybe, in another few years, when there is a real shift in power from the hands of these power-brokers, there will be justice served.

Till then, all Malayaless are forced to live with the Icecream shame.


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