Friday, October 12, 2007

An Inconvenient Nobel Peace Prize

They didn't give the award to Mahatma Gandhi, they never did. For the one man who lived and died for the sake of peace, it was inconvenient to the Nobel committee to honour a man who deserved it the most.

Climate Change and Global Warming are critical issues to the very survival of life on earth. This year's Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to an American - former Vice President Al Gore.

In 2000, the Supreme Court of United States of America declared that there is no time to count votes. Al Gore gave up - he didn't fight the good fight. He didn't fight for the Americans and the peace loving people of the world. Al Gore gave us George Bush.

If Al Gore didn't buckle under the political and big money pressure, this world would have been saved of too many wars, too many lives that has been lost. Oil price would have been affordable for poor nations to build their economies. I can go on and on - and add to many to the list of 'what could have been'.

On the basis of a documentary he took, an inconvenient truth, (wasn't it a powerpoint presentation?)Gore has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The price this world has paid for Gore's failure to lead a new America in the millennium is way too high.

Millions from around the world wanted Al Gore to win the 2000 election. We all knew what Bush is going to be. The world knew what choice Americans were making; it was a choice between peace and war. Bush was allowed to win, when he clearly didn't win.

No one sane would want to think that President Clinton would have accepted defeat - had he been cheated. Al Gore just didn't have the moral courage to lead the only super-power in the world. Why would he back off when he was the first guy to cross the line?

In which democracy, other than in the USA, would a court say there is no time to count votes? Democracy was mutilated, murdered and then paraded as American patriotism by the Bush regime. By not raising his voice, for even once, Gore forfeited all his rights to be a leader of any value to this world.

Let us not be fooled by the Inconvenient Truth or the Nobel Peace Prize. The USA has not signed the Kyoto agreement. You don't expect a seasoned politician like Al Gore to be taking documentaries (leave that job to real movie makers like Michael Moore and Spielberg); one expects Gore to be putting political pressure on the American government. But, then, how would a man who has no self respect do anything to save the world?

If a man cannot save his own country, his own people, how can he fight or save this world? Al Gore is a coward who ditched the weak and the poor.

Gore distanced himself from president Clinton during the impeachment process, and during the election of 2000 - he maintained that distance from the most successful president in American history. His issue was 'morality' - Bill Clinton was too immoral for the presidential candidate Gore.

How come he had no moral compulsion not to accept defeat when all the votes were yet to be counted?

Some select committees can give Gore awards or even send him to the moon. Gore has won an Oscar and an Emmy for his documentary work... so the Nobel Prize is not a shock. As far as this Chayakada is concerned, there are no chaya for Al Gore the traitor. We put so much faith in him, and he let the whole world down.

Global Warming is a serious issue; we need real leadership to make any positive influence in saving this planet. Al Gore has no right to lead us.

If America needs a hero, Gore is not the one. If the World needs a leader, Gore is not the one.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two things: I agree with you that Al Gore should have fought harder to win the 2000 election. His campaign should have asked for a total recount of the ballots, it was his right since the electoral vote difference was under 0.5% in Florida, that and all the voting discrepancies that occurred. However, it is not Al Gore that gave us Bush. We gave Bush to ourselves. Why did we let Clayton Roberts and Jeb Bush and all the others who had interest in seeing Bush win (including two judges in the Supreme court) have anything to do with the outcome of it? has anyone heard of conflict of interests?

Don't blame Gore, and don't compare him to Ghandi. If Mahatma Ghandi hadn't been assasinated then he would be the most revered person in the world, more than the pope. his holiness, the dalai Lama, is still alive, i suppose you would put them in the same category to make Gore look bad.

When Gore Runs again, and i would almost bet it will be the same year that Jeb Bush runs for office, he will win by a wide margin.

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