Monday, October 01, 2007

Supreme Jokers

I was reading this in the Times of India

Noting that political parties generally step around the 1998 judgment by calling for a 'hartal' instead of 'bandh', the bench said, "In our country, we have come to a stage where everything has to be dealt with an iron hand. Nothing moves even after our orders. We have to issue contempt and monitor. Things have come to this stage."

The bench added, "Orders of the Supreme Court are not complied with, what to talk of the high courts where 99% of the orders are not obeyed."

In a veiled warning to the DMK and its allies not to fool around with the apex court's order and go ahead with its planned bandh on Monday or any other day, the bench said, "Do not play with fire. If you do (go ahead with the bandh), it is illegal as per law laid down by the Supreme Court."
Supreme court judges can't be jokers; I have always believed they are at least people with some intelligence and integrity. How can the Judges say that 99% of the high court orders are not obeyed?

You don't "OBEY" a court order/verdict; you comply with it. What I don't like in the tone of this 'learned bench' is the Master - Slave relationship they are trying to portray. Even though the Judges are 'public servants', they demand to be treated like masters. Of course, many of the government officers of the British India tried to behave like a colonial Brit. What is most amazing is, even the British tourists who come to India find some of the Indians to be more colonial than they even imagined.

The 99% reference is a Perjury - A Big Fat Lie.

Why do I remember Orwell's Animal Farm when I hear more from the Supreme Court of India? Aren't there sensible judges in India who can ask the two judges to step down? These two are making a mockery of Law.

Judiciary's role and only role, as per the constitution, is to interpret law. They are not lawmakers, even if they wish to. It takes a fool to say something like - " If you do (go ahead with the bandh), it is illegal as per law laid down by the Supreme Court" - and get away with it.

There is an educated young generation in India who can see the truth. How can a court lay down the law - when they are not the lawmakers? Yeah, we have elected 500 odd impotent idiots - who are willing to swallow the insult.

If the judges can hold court on a holiday in a Judge's residence, what the hell is Somnath Chaterjee (The Lok Sabha Speaker) doing? He should immediately call for an urgent meeting of the Parliament and put a motion to vote - whether the judiciary be allowed to make such outrageous statements. This is a constitutional crisis.

Any MP's with balls, please make a noise.


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