Thursday, September 06, 2007

Universal Health Care

Watch the movie SICKO by Michael Moore.

Universal Health Care is a good thing. Caring for the fellow human being in distress is not an extra-ordinary human quality. To care for another person should never be an exception; it should always be a given.

OK, I might be living an Utopian dream. Hey believers in God, which God has asked you not to care for the fellow being?

Evert state has a responsibility to make sure that the citizens who live and work in that country enjoy good health and education. A healthy brain and healthy body helps keep the state in good health.

Education and Health Care should never be a business; it always has to be a service.

Some people have started to abuse the sanctity of some words and terms. I am not talking about the obvious and blatant crime in the usage of "collateral damage" in a war. I am talking about something like "REFORM." Last time I checked the dictionary, the meaning given was "To Improve."

The days "reform" has been given a perverted meaning of "privitisation."

These days, educational reforms means giving license to private entities to run educational institutions for the sake of monetary profits, whether it has any benefit to the society or to the state.

The same rule has been applied on Health Care Reforms. Give away licenses to profiteers to take care of the health of the subjects and the state itself.

Privitisation of Health Care, bringing in the Shylocks of 'Health Insurance' to play with your lives - is a direct assault on the very principle of Democracy.

More on Health Care soon.

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