Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Art of Appropriation

It is way too common these days and in the days gone by... to appropriate any information, bend it, stuff it, give it new shape - colour - whatever -- to justify or ratify 'any irrational belief.'

For instance, it is a very common practice to invoke awe by framing questions, many of them, which gives the same - fixed answer.

It cannot be an intellectual exercise to frame questions to strengthen ONE absolute answer. Reasoning suggests that we have to ask different questions without having an answer/solution in the mind. Question and explore - find too many answers to a single question... It is all ok.

There could be more than one truth. And so be it.

Yesterday I heard someone say that Jesus Christ was born on Makar-Sankranti. I have heard Hindus claim that it is a Shiv-ling that is buried in Mecca. That the crescent is Shiva's sign.

Some Hindus get multiple-religious-orgasms in such fetish thoughts. All pathetic efforts to appropriate; finding it too convenient to put one thought in a box. To master knowledge doesn't mean you need to make a slave out of knowledge.

If God is expansion, if life is expansion, if knowledge is expansion, if light is expansion... why this effort to make everything absolute and put them into the tiniest box? The antithesis of expansion we know about life - is the contraction of life itself -- DEATH. Which pretty much means the end.

Here is another classic case of appropriating:


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